About the "Golfing with Griz" Golf Tournament



             People often ask how this Tournament got started.

  My mother was severely burned when she was

            12 years old. She spent almost a year in the hospital.

        Treating burns back in the forty's was a slow and

                painful process. The stories she told me, and the scars

she had to live with growing up, had effects

her whole life, physically, and emotionally.

              My wife Roberta, whom is named after her Aunt

     Ruby Roberta, died after being the victim

of a fire when she was a small child.

Both sides of our families have lived

the results of what burns can do.

When we heard about GLBC,

          we both knew that this was a great organization.

              Golfing is a love we all share, so what better way

  to help children that look forward to their

                  summer get-away,  have fun, and to heal emotionally.

            Please visit the GLBC web-site for a detailed

              look at the camp @ www.greatlakesburncamp.com


Thanks - Griz 


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