Welcome back. Spring is around the corner. We have some news. We now have our own APP. It was built by Jared Wegienka and is currently undergoing functional testing but you can download it
to your cell phone and see what is going on. You will be able to donate, round up on any purchase and have the extra be donated and you will be able to pay for your golf although that will require a fee of an extra $5.00 on your golf. The link is on the LINKS tab on the main menu. Open that tab and you will see it. It will take you to a download page.
We hope you like it and hope it will make things easier for you.



On another note we will be playing at Monroe Golf and Country Club in Monroe again. Everything, including food is the same as last year. Public House for breakfast. See Golf Course info page
for course and breakfast directions. Breakfast is from 7-9 and included in your 125.00

***Players: you are expected to play in under 5 hours. PLEASE! As a courtesy to everyone, keep up with the group in front of you and in doing so, you also wont hold up groups behind you.
***The golf course is not the place to give lessons. Everywhere we play has a range. Give lessons after or before you round.
***Reminder! This is a tournament for money. Not making all your shots is cheating. If you are putting for par or birdie, make the putt.I have heard about alot of 3 foot gimmes. Make the putt.!!

On Line Sign Up

Sorry to everyone who has tried. We have not activated this yet. It's part of the page. We haven't had enough people
show interest in this yet to warrant purchasing this part of the program we use for the tournament.