Hello everyone,
 Last year was our 30th year of this crazy idea, and we had two outings.
 One hosted by Jared Wegienka downstate, and one hosted by Duane, Jerome, Ray, and Myself, held up-north. Both outings combined raised over $5000, great job considering the covid restrictions.
 31 years ago we started out with 12 golfers, Steve Stapleton was in that 1st outing, Steve is not doing well, please keep him in your prayers.
 Duane has made some changes to the Web-Site, please visit to find all info.
 The new site will soon have an app for your phone.
 Duane also needs everyone's e-mail address.
 This years outing will be held at "Monroe Country Club" again, Sat. August 7th 9:00am.
 They requested our business, and they do a GREAT job of taking care of our needs.
 Breakfast will be at the "Public House" in Monroe starting at 7:00am.
 $125 will cover golf, all food, jackpots, and drinks. 
 With Covid in our rearview mirror, lets make this year the biggest ever.
 So please let Duane, Jerome, Ray, Jared, or myself, your foursome as soon as you know.
 Congratulations to Tim Theodore, last year's champion at "Hawks Eye" great job.
 Now who will be the next GWG Champion? maybe you? or probably..ME.
 Roberta, the boys, and myself, look forward to seeing all of you.....GRIZ
Mark "Griz" Griswold





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