Hope your winter was fun, especially if you like shoveling. Now it’s time to get the clubs out! As I type, there is three feet of snow in my yard, but the sun is working hard to take care of that.
This year’s outing will be held again at “Monroe Country Club”. They have welcomed us to return, and we will finish our 29th tournament Hello to all our golfers, there. Next year will be our 30th year, and we will be headed North for a true 3 day test of golf. We will have all details at dinner this year, and I hope everyone will participate in this Epic Event.
There will be something new this year, Jared Wegienka has stepped up and created a “Golfing With Griz” phone app. Everyone can now access all information on their phone. Tee times, maps, photos, Sponsor info, and new this year, a round-up your change donation via “Pay-Pal”, as well as paying for your $125 Golf Fees will now be possible. 
Duane Wegienka will be posting information for downloading the app on this web-site, we hope that this will make all things easier for all of us as we head to the future. As always, please remember this is a charity event, anything that you can do will be appreciated.
Breakfast will again be at “Public House” in Monroe, please take of your wait staff. After your round of Golf, please participate in the challenging “Woody Putt-Off”, all proceeds go towards “GLBC”.
I look forward to seeing all of you in August, and I hope to be receiving the “Champions Trophy”
Thank You, “Griz”






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